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Robert Coppen

Robert Coppen

Sauquoit, NY


Self-taught artist. Learned mostly from doing and from looking at other artists' paintings (or reproductions of, in books and magazines). Favorite artists are John Constable, Winslow Homer, Charles Burchfield and Rockwell Kent. Live in upstate NY. Paint mostly landscapes, most of which are upstate NY scenes. Work in various art mediums, primarily pastels, acrylics and watercolors. Just starting to experiment with oils.

The medium isn't really the message for me, though, the land is. And nature. And the environment. You paint what you love, and I love the natural world around me, and want it to remain beautiful and clean and able to support both animals and people for many years to come. The reaction I'd really like to get from people when they look at one of my paintings is "What a cool place! I'd like to take a walk there (or paddle a canoe there) someday." And I'd like them to be able to do those things, so I guess what I'm trying to do is show people some of the natural beauty that's out there, in the hopes that they will want to protect and preserve it.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy looking at my work.


Towards Glastenbury by Robert Coppen


On Mount Desert Island by Robert Coppen


Granite Islands by Robert Coppen


The Crooked River at Smith Rock by Robert Coppen


Smith Rock Afternoon by Robert Coppen


Mount Hood by Robert Coppen


November Storm by Robert Coppen


Utica Eagles by Robert Coppen


Swan Reflections by Robert Coppen


Winter Hawk by Robert Coppen


Sunset Canadas by Robert Coppen


Rest Stop #1 by Robert Coppen


Rest Stop #2 by Robert Coppen


Chipmunk on Tree by Robert Coppen